Client Spotlight: JSCULPT

With the development of various social media platforms, creating the perfect video can be easier said than done. Video production can’t operate under a “one size fits all” model anymore, and social platforms have their own specific traits and requirements. This social video for our client JSCULPT was created for Instagram, using a 1:1 aspect ratio to fit Instagram’s feed.

Because this video was designed specifically for social media, there are a few key differences compared to a longer brand video. For one thing, it’s short. This video is 15 seconds long, which takes into account the fact that on social media, most people are scrolling through their feeds quickly and you only have consumer attention for a few seconds at a time. A minute-long video wouldn’t have the same impact here, so the short length is an asset that takes into account the distribution strategy.

Second, this content doesn’t rely on the viewer having their volume turned on for the video. Key product points are called out with on-screen text, meaning that the essence of the content is digestible whether sound plays or not. Many digital consumers, especially on social media, default to having their device’s volume turned off. While this isn’t always the case, it’s safe to assume that a decent percentage of your audience will be watching your video with the sound muted. This video does a great job of making sure that none of the critical messaging is reliant upon the soundbites, and the brand’s message can be interpreted even with no volume.

Finally, for viewers who do watch with sound, the video’s music is upbeat and the testimonial dialogue supports the on-screen text points. The sound enhances the visual elements and supports the creation of a cohesive message. The result is a clear understanding of what makes the product special and the impact it has on users—all in just 15 seconds.

Ultimately, the importance of a social media video is that it will rarely be your goal to convey your brand’s entire value proposition in a social spot. Instead, your goal is to attract viewers and entice them with just enough information that they want to know more. Then, you’re able to fill in the gaps with additional content (or longer videos, even) on your landing page. This video is a great example of what it takes to draw someone in, so use it as a guide next time you’re making a social video for your brand!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam