Client Spotlight: JetPack Aviation

Meet Lemonlight client JetPack Aviation!

When you work with a client as awesome as JetPack Aviation, a company that invented their very own (and the world’s first) actual jetpack, you’ve got to make one stellar video. Check out what we did for them below.

Tip #1: Build the hype. We open on black and white close-ups of the jets, hands gripping the controls, feet in the air, all while cool music builds in the background. Then JPA CEO David Mayman’s voice-over kicks in, setting the stage for the reveal.

Tip #2: Make the reveal EPIC! At 30 seconds, after David’s properly set the stage and the music crescendos, we use a clever black animatte transition to reveal the jetpack in flight as the image fades from black and white into color, while simultaneously pulling back to show the Empire State Building in the background. Talk. About. Epic!  

Tip #3: Wow the crowd, then pitch the funding. Didn’t realize this was a crowdfunding video? That’s because the first minute is all about the incredible work JPA’s already done. We then use David’s monologue and some text overlays to reveal the goal of the video: to raise money via crowdfunding.

Tip #4: Parallel the ending and beginning for closure. The video ends as it began – back to black and white filters with a nice reverse black animatte transition that closes the frame to black, leaving the audience with a call to action for the fundraising site.  

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey