Client Spotlight: Honor Yoga

This week, our client spotlight is tackling a unique type of video that tailors to a specific audience: potential franchise owners. When we make videos for clients that need to resonate with a very distinct type of viewer, the content of the story is incredibly important.

For Honor Yoga, the video we made to promote the franchise opportunity looks very different than what we might have made for a standard brand video. It takes into account the exact information that a prospective franchisee might need to know, and it covers that content in the most holistic way possible. 

One technique that makes this easier is going through the process of anticipating questions that your audience might have about your offering, whatever your offering might be. Then, answer those exact questions in your video. 

In this case, for example, viewers might have wondered about the benefits of owning a business, the support that owners receive from the Honor Yoga brand, or the many advantages that the yoga practice offers to clients. These points are all covered in the video, eliminating many of the doubts that might have otherwise arisen in viewers’ minds.

To accomplish this, we interviewed several current franchise owners to hear about their experiences with the company. By incorporating thoughts from more than one franchise owner, we see a more complete picture of what the experience of running the business looks like. This also allows us to appeal to a variety of prospective franchisees, as not every person’s experience will look the same. 

Finally, this video is also unique in that it sells the audience not only on the concept of being a business owner in general, but also on the particular appeal of Honor Yoga. The clip wouldn’t have the same impact in convincing prospective franchisees for other businesses, because it highlights unique points of pride for yogis, like the passion for yoga and its healing properties.

Check it out below for a great example of how to use video to tell the specific story that your audience needs to hear.


Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam