Client Spotlight: Harvard Westlake

For kids, there’s one birthday rite-of-passage that’s almost universally dreaded: the thank-you note. While it may have been frustrating at the time to thank Aunt Sandra for a sweater you already hated, thank-you notes are a thoughtful way to show someone that you appreciate them.

As an adult, this concept doesn’t go away—if anything, the stakes get higher. How are you supposed to thank someone for something like a school donation or a corporate sponsorship? When the gifts now cost thousands instead of a couple of twenties, it may be time to step up your thank-you game. 

Organizations have come up with all kinds of creative ideas to solve this problem, like gift baskets, flower arrangements, special perks, and more. While all of these choices will do the trick, they’re not the only options. So, what else can you do? Make a video! Video content is a great way to make a thank-you gesture feel more personal and profound. 

This video for our client, Harvard Westlake, does just that. It puts a unique spin on the thank-you concept and puts the culture of the school at the forefront of the narrative. It’s also dual-purpose—the video thanks donors, but it also shows why the school is so special in the first place (maybe even encouraging repeat donors down the line!). Plus, it’s a lot more personal than a bouquet or gift basket. 

Check it out to see for yourself below, and next time you need to show gratitude for a bigger gesture, consider using a video to express your appreciation.

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam