Client Spotlight: Elevation Burger

Meet Lemonlight client Elevation Burger!

With a vision to be more than just another burger joint, Elevation Burger takes 100 percent organic super serious. Because the Elevation Burger brand is all about above and beyond service, ingredients, and taste, highlighting the restaurant’s unique dedication to surpassing expectations was goal number one.

Here’s a breakdown of how Elevation Burger’s brand video helped tell their story.  

Step 1: Ingredients matter. Not everyone can pull off showing real cows to sell hamburgers, but it was the perfect choice to kick off this video for Elevation because of the company’s commitment to ending the harmful practices of industrial agriculture while pursuing a more sustainable future.

Step 2: Real food, looking real good. By showing the food being prepared, the viewer gets to experience the company’s “fresh to order” mantra firsthand.

Step 3: Sustaining the vibe. The lack of narration helps the viewer focus on the delicious product, and the friendly music creates a good old fashioned, upbeat hometown vibe.

Step 4: Taking the burger to new heights. You’ll have to watch the video to get this one, but let’s just say, when you have as unique of a product as Elevation does – always save the best for last! Call to action? More like call for a lunch break!

Laura Cueva

Laura Cueva