Client Spotlight: Compass

If you’ve ever bought or sold a property, then you know how strenuous the process can be. Before the keys can actually change hands, there are countless hoops to jump through, people to liaise with, and pieces of information to document. 

As a seller, one of the most important steps is putting together the right combination of visuals and text to showcase your property in all its glory. This step alone is more complex than it sounds at first glance. There are many questions to consider, like which features are most important to buyers? Where are they looking for listings? How will they want to consume the property’s information? 

Video content addresses these and other questions. It makes it simple to highlight the property’s value using a medium that is known for its engagement and the diversity of channels that support it. 

There are also statistics to support this choice, with real estate listings that include a virtual home tour receiving 87% more views than those without. What’s more, 67% of respondents in one survey reported wanting virtual home tours included in listings. Why miss out on the opportunity to give people want they want?

At Lemonlight, we make real estate listing videos frequently, like the one below for our client Compass. This example combines footage of the property with mood-appropriate music and text that highlights key features of the home. Note, though, that the text is used sparingly so that the shots of the property are still the focus of the video. 

Next time you’re buying or selling property, consider using video to your advantage. For more information, check out this article about all the specifics ways you can apply video marketing to the real estate industry. 


Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam