Client Spotlight: Chicago Oyster House

They do one thing and they do it brilliantly. Seafood.

Named one of America’s 21 Best Oyster Bars by The Daily Meal, the Chicago Oyster House serves high-quality seafood, specializing in oysters.

Why should you eat an oyster?

Well, not only are oysters incredibly refreshing and fun to eat – they’re packed with health benefits! Oysters have high zinc content which ups your immune system, maintains energy, helps get rid of acne, and makes your bones stronger.

The best part?

Chicago Oyster House offers $1.50 oysters during Happy Hour! What goes better with an oyster than a drink?

So, is your mouth watering yet? See what their customers have to say:

“The menu carries on the excellent sushi from the prior concept and expanded with an oyster selection to travel across the city for.”

“Can’t say enough about the new owners attention to detail on everything.”

“I love a place where you can get wonderful fresh oysters in any shape or variety that you may like.”

We’re proud to have the Chicago Oyster House as a client. After all, oysters and lemons go hand-in-hand 🙂