Client Spotlight: Alien Earbuds

What does “the next big thing” look like?

If you’re trying to promote a new piece of technology, this question can be a driving force for whatever content strategy you choose. After all, it’s one thing to list facts and figures about what makes this particular device so powerful,  but it’s something else to communicate the feeling of the future rushing towards you. Lean too far one way and your video will be as dry as a spreadsheet. Lean too far the other and its sci-fi aesthetics might push away cynical audiences.

To help figure out an answer, take a look at this crowdfunding video we created for Alien Earbuds, which successfully raised over $350,000 from thousands of fans around the world. 

For our client, the secret to conjuring the future was a simple mix of elegant close-ups and sleek animation. Showing off a pair of earbuds posed a unique challenge, due to the fact that they are not the most visually stimulating piece of technology. That’s why, to illustrate what they were capable of, our team of animators created stylish captions and digital graphics to emphasize each new aspect of the earbuds as they were revealed. This generated a sense of dynamic motion for a relatively stationary product, while calling to mind the holographic technology of films like Iron Man and Minority Report.

Remember, when you are trying to market your product or services, you are not so much selling your brand itself as the feelings associated with it. So how can your brand manifest nuanced, abstract concepts visually? Color and music are two tried-and-true methods, but don’t creatively limit yourself. Whether it’s visual effects, bold cinematography, or something entirely new, feel free to push the limits and share your brand story – or hire a production company like Lemonlight to help explore it for you!

Leland F.

Leland F.