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Spotlight on Social: Stand Out with Visual Overlays

One of the main goals of social videos is to grab a scroller’s attention. They’re in their feed looking to kill time and get updates on their friends’ lives, so you have to really stand out to…

Spotlight on Social: Add Lens Flare for Extra Fanfare

With less and less younger viewers tuning in to traditional cable networks, social media sites are now among the most important platforms you can use to reach an audience. Because sites like Instagram and YouTube are now…

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Spotlight on Social: How to Use Product Callouts

When setting out to create a social video, you should always have a strategy and goal in mind. What’s your objective in creating this video? What effect do you want it to have on your audience? More…

Spotlight on Social: When Silence is Golden

When using video on social media, one of the most important factors to consider is how your audience is going to be viewing your video. Most commonly, your average scroller will be viewing on mobile, unless they’re…

Spotlight on Social: Animated Videos for Instagram

When you think about video marketing, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? If it’s an epic, Super Bowl-style ad of a Ferrari cruising along a mountain vista in the snow being driven by Matthew…

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