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Spotlight on Social: How to Utilize a Brand Video Signature

When creating multiple videos for your business for social media (or anywhere, really), you’ll oftentimes find yourselves making and testing very different videos to target very different demographics or achieve very different marketing objectives. That’s where having…

5 Tips for Making a Team Video for Your Company

There’s no dispute: video is the best tool to quickly grow your business. Consider these remarkable stats: Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and…

Spotlight on Social: How to Use the Right Lighting

Video marketing is a powerful tool – especially when creating content for social. It’s more captivating than words and images combined, and because most social platforms contain autoplay features, videos now integrate seamlessly with the rest of…

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Lemonlight’s 2018 Year-End Recap

We’re already a few weeks into the New Year, but we couldn’t really get it started without showing you just how far we’ve come. With new video projects, new locations, amazing new clients, and so many new…

Spotlight on Social: Stand Out with Visual Overlays

One of the main goals of social videos is to grab a scroller’s attention. They’re in their feed looking to kill time and get updates on their friends’ lives, so you have to really stand out to…

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