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3 Tips from this Subaru Commercial You Need to Start Using

As consumers of television and internet, we see commercials all the time. There are good commercials, great commercials, and downright terrible ones. Usually, a good commercial will use one of three techniques to hook the viewer in:…

Viral Video: How the LA Chargers Killed It on Twitter

Stock footage sometimes gets a bad rap for being cheesy, fake, or just plain bad. But when used correctly, stock footage can be a lifesaver (or a screensaver) that helps you get across an idea visually without…

5 Tech Industry Videos That Will Inspire You

Technology companies have been taking advantage of video marketing for ages now. From Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial (say what you will about the irony of the video today…) to modern-day animated explainer videos, most tech companies know…

How Apple’s Latest Commercial Leaves You Wanting More

While content marketing is a very effective driver of lead growth for your business, you may find yourself wanting to expand your video marketing efforts to include projects with a slightly larger scope. For example, you may…

3 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Lifestyle Video

Let’s be real. You have the best brand on planet Earth. Your brand’s passion for environmental responsibility is so awesome, and is probably helping to save us all from extinction 10 years from now. Unlike some companies…

How Škoda Turned a Big Idea into a Viral Video

This week, Czech car company Škoda unveiled a new video ad featuring ‘Doug the Dog,’ a giant sheep dog just trying to live his larger-than life as a dog that weighs one ton. In short, it’s adorable.…

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