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Client Spotlight: Clim8

Meet Lemonlight client Clim8! Clim8 is a tech company that specializes in intelligent thermal clothing that uses tiny thermal sensors…

Client Spotlight: Zuma

Meet Lemonlight client Zuma! Zuma, the brainchild of award-winning creator Rainer Becker, is a modern-style Japanese restaurant with locations all…

Client Spotlight: Courtmatics

Meet Lemonlight client Courtmatics! Courtmatics is a smart-tech company with a coaching platform that leverages technology to help tennis players…

Client Spotlight: Gravitas

Meet Lemonlight client Gravitas! D.C.-based Gravitas is the dream child of Chef Matt Baker, a restaurant where diners can experience…

Client Spotlight: Brumble Bikes

Meet Lemonlight client Brumble Bikes! Rhode Island-based Brumble Bikes is a bike shop with a self-proclaimed focus on great products…

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