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Behold the Power of a Simple Premise From Bud Light

When it comes to getting inspiration from the competition, It’s easy to get swept away by sweeping aerial shots, beautiful locations, and majestic cinematography and editing that makes you think your marketing videos all need to be…

How Squarespace Nailed Multi-Channel Marketing

Video marketing in 2019 is all about being creative with the format. By now, most viewers and would-be customers know they’re going to be served ads online, and they’re pretty familiar with the type of ads to…

Customer Testimonials: How to Share a Deeper Story

We talk a lot about the “why” behind your video marketing. That’s because the why is the most important part of any story, especially when you’re telling a story visually. When you’re focused on the why, you…

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3 Tips from this Subaru Commercial You Need to Start Using

As consumers of television and internet, we see commercials all the time. There are good commercials, great commercials, and downright terrible ones. Usually, a good commercial will use one of three techniques to hook the viewer in:…

Viral Video: How the LA Chargers Killed It on Twitter

Stock footage sometimes gets a bad rap for being cheesy, fake, or just plain bad. But when used correctly, stock footage can be a lifesaver (or a screensaver) that helps you get across an idea visually without…

5 Tech Industry Videos That Will Inspire You

Technology companies have been taking advantage of video marketing for ages now. From Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial (say what you will about the irony of the video today…) to modern-day animated explainer videos, most tech companies know…

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