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Pre-Roll Videos – Who, What, Why, When & Where

Your Quick Guide to Understanding Pre-Roll Videos The pre-roll video is your elevator pitch to the world – an audiovisual sampling of your talents and services. Unlike the elevator, however, you can be literally anywhere in the…

The Age of Video Marketing

Read for great facts about video marketing and why you can’t afford to not have a video for your business. Video Marketing Shifts the Balance of Power to Your Side The Age of the Video is upon…

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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video

If you want to reach people today, you have to deliver your message in a way that’s fun, informative and visually interesting. Video reaches people in a way no other medium can. Let’s look at the top…

6 Categories of Commercials for Your Business Videos

Learn what kind of commercial works best for your business videos and become an expert in digital marketing! Millions of people troll the web daily looking for the things they need. Having interesting business videos for websites,…

Demystifying the Online Commercial

The online commercial can seem like a confusing and mystifying concept. You might find yourself asking “Do I really need an online commercial?” or “How do I even get started making myself an online commercial?” While at…

Video Marketing Lingo pt1: Brand Videos and Product Videos

Video marketing can feel like a different world, and making a commercial (online or not) can seem daunting. Do you want a brand video or product video? What’s the difference between pre-roll and a commercial? It’s enough…

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