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What Makes a Great Holiday Commercial?

Everyone loves a great holiday commercial. We’ve all seen the incredibly touching, and often times admittedly tear-jerking, Mother’s Day commercials that begin to circulate the Internet this time of year. While many holiday commercials leave lasting impressions…

Get Excited: Cool Facts About Video Marketing

It is fairly common knowledge that humans have an emotional connection to visual storytelling, and video marketing is no exception! The success stories of videos that have gone viral are legend. As technology has advanced, we’ve simply come up…

The Power of Storytelling

Stories are our real, breathable experiences. They define us. Regardless of the constant advances in technology and shifts in culture, good storytelling will always matter. We connect with content when it reveals an authentic moment that we…

How Will an Online Video Organically Help Your Business?

Online Video Marketing Statistics and What They Mean for Your Business. Choo-Choo! Have you gotten on board with the video marketing train yet? If you own a small business or are in business for yourself, there’s a lot of…

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How Does a Business Video Help My Website?

Creating a business video is truly the wave of the future; Wise online businesses that want to increase visibility, clicks, and eventually distribution would be wise to ride this wave as far as possible. Perhaps more than…

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