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5 Essential Places to Publish Your Brand Video

When you start on your video marketing journey, one of the first videos you should create is a brand video, also known as an explainer video. These videos typically offer a high-level overview of your company’s brand,…

60 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2018

It’s no secret: Video marketing is here to stay. From interactive video to augmented reality, the video technology landscape is changing drastically, and users are engaging with visual content more and more. That means the opportunity to…

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The Buyer’s Journey: Why You Need More Than One Video

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the term “buyer’s journey,” I always visualize images of bright-eyed, ambitious, everyday folk embarking on a long, meandering expedition through perilous obstacles in pursuit of an epic quest…

8 Reasons to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Adding video content to your marketing strategy can seem daunting – we get it! Although video is rapidly becoming the most powerful form of advertising, incorporating video takes time and money. If you’re still looking for that…

How to Drive More Sales Through Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the most powerful form of online marketing, and is quickly becoming the most powerful form of marketing period. Consider these remarkable statistics: More than one BILLION hours of YouTube video is being watched every day. That’s…

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