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10 Expert Tips from Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

Celebrity spokespeople have existed since ancient Rome, when popular gladiators were paid to endorse products like olive oil. The same is true of people who are “famous for being famous,” a peculiar class of stardom which likewise…

Free eBook: Learn How to Make Your Own Storyboard

Need help getting your visual ideas down on paper? Beyond writing a script, visualizing your scenes shot by shot can be a complex task, and one made especially difficult if you don’t have those innately artistic skills…

Breaking Down Holiday Shopping in the U.S. [Infographic]

Have you finished your last-minute holiday shopping? You’ve still got time (just barely!) Take a look at how other Americans have been spending their hard-earned dollars this holiday season, from Halloween all the way through Christmas.

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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

You know you need to make videos for your business, but deciding what videos to make and what to do with them after you’ve created them can be a little trickier. It’s all about having the right…

How to Create an Engaging Crowdfunding Landing Page

Lemonlight and StartEngine hosted an exclusive webinar, “How to create an engaging crowdfunding page.” In case you missed it, here are the essential tips and tricks for the best landing page possible! Remember – the more informative and eye-catching…

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