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Free eBook: How to Spend Your 2021 Marketing Budget

Learn how much you should be setting aside for marketing, which marketing tactics your budget should include, and how to prioritize spending according to your specific goals.   How to Spend Your 2021 Marketing Budget   Many…

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6 New Social Media Platforms Every Content Marketer Should Know

“Nobody uses Facebook anymore.” Almost everybody in their mid-20s (and older) has heard this troubling phrase from a teenager or–even worse–a child. “That cannot possibly be true,” you might reassure yourself as you desperately Google “Facebook Statistics”…

Facebook and the Future of Video

As of June 2019, Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users. That’s more than seven times the population of the United States, and nearly twice the population of India. Every month, this borderline unimaginable sea of people…

10 Expert Tips from Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

Celebrity spokespeople have existed since ancient Rome, when popular gladiators were paid to endorse products like olive oil. The same is true of people who are “famous for being famous,” a peculiar class of stardom which likewise…

Free eBook: Learn How to Make Your Own Storyboard

Need help getting your visual ideas down on paper? Beyond writing a script, visualizing your scenes shot by shot can be a complex task, and one made especially difficult if you don’t have those innately artistic skills…

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