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Modern Video Marketing: Navigating an Ocean of Possibilities

Videos are quickly becoming requisite for showcasing your brand, just like websites before them. Forget about those heavy, expensive video cameras used 20 years ago back when websites were the latest and greatest emerging marketing tool for…

How Many ‘Hats’ Have You Tried on at Your Company?

As an entrepreneur, you probably feel as though you’re responsible for a million different aspects of your business. It’s your vision after all: You created it. Who else could possibly be better suited than you to make sure…

3 Tips for Starting a Company in an Unfamiliar Industry

Launching a company within an industry you know nothing about isn’t impossible. Your ignorance can be a blessing and a burden. Just look at Elon Musk, who has started an array of companies in disparate industries — beginning with…

How to Combat Team Boredom in Proactive, Positive Ways

Why are we becoming a nation of weary workers? The 2016 Udemy Workplace Boredom Study identified a number of reasons, including limited options for skill-set expansion, mindless work, a lack of work, too much work, and distracting…

Explainer Videos: the Best Way to Tempt Prospects

Seems like only yesterday that we first heard of Dollar Shave Club, doesn’t it? It might be tough to remember where you first heard about the subscription shaving service — from a friend, a co-worker, or maybe…

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