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Client Spotlight: Long Beach Ballet

In theory, what could be easier than event videography? There’s no casting, no scripting, and no second takes. You just bring your camera to an event, shoot a little footage, and then after an hour or two…

Client Spotlight: Beauty with a Twist

A brand’s archetype can frequently be the key to connecting with its ideal customer base. But sometimes, your archetype can start to feel more like a limitation than an opportunity. While their purpose is to provide an…

Client Spotlight: Casper Boards

There’s an old marketing adage that we come back to time and again: “People don’t buy from brands, they buy from people.” It doesn’t matter how slick your branded content videos are if they focus only on…

Client Spotlight: RXBAR

There’s a timeless advertising adage that goes something along the lines of: “People don’t buy from brands. They buy from people.” One of your most important responsibilities as a content marketer is to put a human face…

Client Spotlight: Coeur Sports

When did “sincerity” become a bad word? In an age of so-called fake news and ultra-partisan media, you might think that approaching content with an open, kind-hearted sensibility would be less controversial. And yet one of the…

Announcing Our New International Teams

Break out your passports, because the Lemonlight international team has just gotten bigger! While our company is based in Los Angeles, California, we frequently collaborate with teams all around the world. That’s why Lemonlight is so excited…

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