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Client Spotlight: Long Beach Ballet

In theory, what could be easier than event videography? There’s no casting, no scripting, and no second takes. You just bring your camera to an event, shoot a little footage, and then after an hour or two…

Client Spotlight: Beauty with a Twist

A brand’s archetype can frequently be the key to connecting with its ideal customer base. But sometimes, your archetype can start to feel more like a limitation than an opportunity. While their purpose is to provide an…

Client Spotlight: Casper Boards

There’s an old marketing adage that we come back to time and again: “People don’t buy from brands, they buy from people.” It doesn’t matter how slick your branded content videos are if they focus only on…

Client Spotlight: RXBAR

There’s a timeless advertising adage that goes something along the lines of: “People don’t buy from brands. They buy from people.” One of your most important responsibilities as a content marketer is to put a human face…

Client Spotlight: Coeur Sports

When did “sincerity” become a bad word? In an age of so-called fake news and ultra-partisan media, you might think that approaching content with an open, kind-hearted sensibility would be less controversial. And yet one of the…

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