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Everything We Know About Etsy’s New Video Prototype

Etsy recently launched beta testing of an exciting new feature: video for individual product listings. The marketplace company, which typically focuses on handmade or vintage products, effectively kicked off the beta period on May 21st when it…

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Tips and Tricks for Sourcing Usable User-Generated Content

User-generated content is powerful. And lately, while filming new content has involved limitations, user-generated content has become even more popular with brands worldwide.  User-generated content is not without its challenges, though. One difficulty in sourcing user-generated content…

How to Make Video Content That Supports Your Sales Team

As stay-at-home restrictions begin to lift in some areas, many brands are turning their attention towards how to drive sales in the coming months. Analysis from Hubspot shows that deals created and closed in mid-May took a…

How to Decide If Old Video Content Is Still Effective

Video is a great long-term investment in your brand. However, despite video’s long shelf life, it’s important to review your content regularly to make sure it’s still serving its purpose. It’s true that video content can be…

How to Plan Your Long-Term Strategy During a Pandemic

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to hit brands across the globe, many companies have found that planning—both short-term and long-term—has gone out the window. After all, no one was planning for a pandemic to wreak havoc…

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