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Why Video Marketing Is Perfect for SMBs like Yours

What’s the last video advertisement you saw? Was it on television? On Facebook? Was it a display ad on the side of the browser you were scrolling through? Chances are high that the video you saw wasn’t…

How Long Should Your Brand Video Be?

There are few “rules” when it comes to video creation. There isn’t a single guideline every single person or company should necessarily follow, because videos can be as different as the companies creating them, with different goals,…

How to Promote Your Video with Amazing PR

You’ve just finished a stellar brand video. With breathtakingly beautiful visuals and the perfect song, you were able to capture the perfect vibe to sell your company’s vision and take your audience’s breath away. Best of all,…

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Video Advertising on Instagram: 9 Best Practices for 2019

If you haven’t heard – 2018 has been the year of Instagram. With Facebook’s decline in public favor, and as other platforms scramble to police themselves, Instagram seems to be the only platform free from controversy (so…

Video Advertising on Twitter: 8 Best Practices for 2019

Twitter might not be the first social media platform you think of when you think of video marketing, but you need to start thinking about it and fast. Twitter boasts 335 million active monthly users, with 21…

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