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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Raise your hand if you want more website visitors. Yeah, me too. Read below for great reasons you need a blog for your business, stat. Even in 2015, it is all too common to see the usual…

Video Advertising Is Number One

Video advertising is number one. It always has been. Business videos are taking over in the workplace. Affordable videos and video marketing are taking over on the web. High-quality advertising is within reach of everyone now! Think back to the…

5 Awesome Places You Should Place Your Online Videos

Let’s Face It. in Today’s World, We’re All Pretty Much Addicted to the Internet. We Facebook. We tweet. We Skype. We blog. We pin. There really isn’t any facet of the Average Joe’s day-to-day that can’t have…

Client Spotlight: Jason Blonder, Swing Plane Productions

Client Spotlight Featuring Jason Blonder, Owner and Founder of Swing Plane Productions. We sincerely love working with each and every one of our clients. Each brings a unique and powerful story that we feel lucky to capture…

Is Your Business Video a Commodity or an Investment?

Business videos are the new, trendy dj at the club – popular and appealing. Why? They work. No company would have ever thought of starting without a website five years ago. Today, that statement is true for…

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The Numbers Game – Video Marketing in Los Angeles

Here at Lemonlight, We Love Video Marketing. but Do You Know What Else We Love? Numbers. More specifically, numbers that show how great video marketing is. Below is a round-up of great and useful information you should…

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