Boost It or Lose It – Paid Facebook Marketing

Facebook is all pay to play, are you in the game?

To Boost or Not to Boost, That Is the Question…

You may have noticed that Facebook is not at all like it used to be. Once upon a time, Facebook was an online land of easy likes, views and interaction. Today, Facebook has become one of the big money machines that leave the troll under the toll bridge (so to speak) in order to cross into the land of paid marketing. If you’re not paying for daily, monthly or weekly ads, then you’re definitely noticing the decline in interaction.

So What Do You Do?

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not difficult to learn how to manage ads and how to use them. In order to play your hand at the ad game on Facebook, there are a few different ways you can do it.

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Pay to Promote Your Website

This button can be found on the dropdown promote menu button located on your Facebook business page. This option allows you to advertise your website so that people can click through to your website. This posting option can be great if you have a nice graphic that’s engaging to use. We recommend using this option once you have built up a following.

Promote Your Facebook Page

Each and every one of these methods works great! What we would suggest is that you even out the playing field, and depending on where you are within your following, you should probably use one more than the other. Boosting your Facebook business page is the best starter option because this allows people that aren’t aware of your brand just yet, the first glimpse into your business. This will get them to click the like button on your Facebook page which will allow them to follow the amazing social media postings your doing each week. This is a general promote button that brings them to your Facebook page.

Pay to Boost Your Post

Boosting a post is the number one best practice, weekly paid ad option we recommend because it offers you the chance to promote a specific offer, event or tip (depending on your business). Once you click the bottom right blue boost button on the post you wish to promote, there will be a few options to help you optimize your post to target the exact audience you’re looking to interact with.

Creating your target audience for your specific business is essential in optimizing traffic. You can edit your audience, name your audience to save it for later boosts, and target based on those followers you have or new followers. Target based on location (city, country, etc). You can also key into things like age demographic, gender and interests. Play with the interest’s options as they can increase your target audience for the money. Don’t forget to save!

Explore your options with social media marketing and Facebook boosting whether you’re looking to build your web traffic, become a source for tips on social media, or pick up more likes on your page. Play with money options, as the budget amounts can be daily or total budget (so pay attention). Each boosting option will allow you to see the potential audience with that specific dollar amount you have proposed. Paying more doesn’t always mean more. We suggest small amounts to test out the option and see how well you find that boosting works for you. In order to stay in the game, boosting is essential so make sure you take the time to work it into your weekly social media practice.

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