Boost It or Lose It – How to Combat Declining Facebook Video Ads

July 28, 2022 4 min read32

The difficulty of seeing a Facebook video ad slowly taper off in performance can be frustrating, especially if the ad was once performing well. There are a few potential reasons for why this may be happening: 1) the audience may be growing tired of seeing the same ad over and over again; 2) there may be competition from other advertisers targeting the same audience; or 3) Facebook may be changing its algorithm, which can affect the reach and engagement of all ads on the platform.

What is a Boosted Facebook Post?

Once upon a time, Facebook was an online land of easy likes, views, and interaction. Today, it’s one of the biggest players in the land of paid video marketing. If you’re not paying for daily, monthly, or weekly video ads, then you’re definitely noticing a decline in interaction.

Many marketers will begin experimenting with new creative to keep their ads fresh and relevant, and while this is smart, it’s also important to consider ways to possibly kick your old ads into new gear instead of reinventing the wheel. That’s where Facebook’s Boost Post feature comes in.

The Boost Post feature is a simple, cost-effective way to expand your reach with just a few clicks. A boosted post is just like a regular Facebook post; you simply spend a little money to promote it to those who wouldn’t see it organically. Sadly, you can no longer rely on the Facebook algorithm to get your content in front of all the users you want to engage. Organic reach is reportedly down 5.2%, which means even people who like your Page may see just a small amount of what you post.

Advantages of Boosting Your Facebook Video

You will reach more of the right people

You can target your audience beyond people who already like your Page so that your post reaches those who are more likely to engage with you. This can help you save money on your video marketing campaign, as you can better optimize how much you’re spending on paid advertising.

Access to key analytics

When you boost a post, you can see how well it performed through analytics. Facebook analytics can help you understand how your video marketing strategy is performing and identify areas where you can improve. For example, you can use it to track how many people have viewed your video, how long they watched it for, and whether they took any action after watching it (such as clicking on a link or liking your page).

This data can help you determine which videos are most successful at engaging your target audience and driving conversions, and can help you adjust your strategy accordingly. Additionally, Facebook analytics can show you which demographics are most likely to engage with your videos, which can be helpful in tailoring your marketing efforts.

Ability to clone your reach to Instagram

Boosted posts on Facebook allow marketers to boost the post on Instagram as well, since Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012. This presents a number of advantages to marketers on both platforms. First, it allows for a more coordinated and cohesive campaign across Facebook and Instagram. Marketers can ensure that their message is consistent and that their target audience is seeing it regardless of which platform they are using.

Second, it allows marketers to reach a wider audience. By boosting a post on both Facebook and Instagram, marketers can significantly increase their reach and potential for engagement.

Finally, it allows marketers to take advantage of the strengths of both platforms. For example, Instagram is known for its highly visual content, while Facebook is known for its extensive targeting options. By boosting a post on both platforms, marketers can ensure that they are taking advantage of the unique strengths of each.

Why Pay to Boost Your Video?

Boosting a post, especially one with video, offers you the chance to promote a specific offer, event, or tip (depending on your business). Once you click the bottom right blue “Boost” button, you will see a few options to optimize your post and target the exact audience you’re looking to interact with. It only costs $1 per day, too, an unbeatable value when considering how much money you could save optimizing your Facebook video marketing strategy moving forward.

It’s worth paying to target higher quality traffic for your specific business. You can edit your audience, name your audience to save it for later boosts, and target current followers or new followers. Try targeting based on location (city, country, etc.). You can also key into things like age demographic, gender, and interests. Play with the interests options as it can increase your target audience with minimal financial output.

In the End

Explore your options with social media marketing and Facebook video boosting whether you’re looking to build your web traffic, become a source for tips on social media, or pick up more likes on your page. Play with money options, as the budget amounts can be daily or total budget. Each boosting option will allow you to see the potential audience with that specific dollar amount you’ve proposed. Paying more doesn’t always mean you get more though. We suggest small amounts to test out the option and see how well Facebook boosting works for you. In order to stay in the Facebook video marketing game, boosting is essential, so make sure you take the time to work it into your weekly social media practice.

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