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Announcing Our New International Teams

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Break out your passports, because the Lemonlight international team has just gotten bigger!

While our company is based in Los Angeles, California, we frequently collaborate with teams all around the world. That’s why Lemonlight is so excited to announce that we have just added five new markets to our global presence: Stockholm, Munich, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Brisbane.  Check out this crowdfunding video we’ve already created for our Denmark-based clients LEGO Forma. 

Client: LEGO Forma

These five cities will be a terrific addition to our existing international markets, which include Montreal, Toronto, Berlin, and London. But this expansion isn’t just another feather in our caps. The more teams that we have situated in top commercial and cultural centers around the world, the more affordable, high-quality video content Lemonlight will be able to create for brands like Voxburner, which is located in the UK. Take a look at some of the video content we created for them below. 

Client: Voxburner

So whether you’re based here in the United States or abroad, Lemonlight is ready to help elevate your brand with the power of video content. Just click the button below to get started, and let’s make a worldwide impression together. 

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