All Your Holiday Video Resources In One Place

The holidays start tomorrow, and you’re probably not thinking about your video needs for the rest of the year. We get it! But, before you get too comfortable with your current marketing calendar, use these moments of relative quiet to start thinking about your video marketing strategy for the holiday seasons to come.

How do you do that? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled every holiday video resource we’ve created in one place, so you can reference it anytime you need a quick reminder about how to put together your holiday strategy, the types of videos that work best during the season, and tips to help you knock it out of the park.

Learn some holiday marketing strategy basics, check out our Top 11 Holiday Video Tips at a Glance, and use our video calendar to start outlining your holiday promos today.

Need some creative ideas to get the ball rolling? From creating a holiday contest to filming a seasonal testimonial, we’ve got nine different video ideas that’ll help you connect with your audience.

Get ready for a good scare – or 12! These Halloween commercials are some of the best we’ve seen and they prove you don’t necessarily need a huge budget to get a good (and memorable) fright in!

Need some Thanksgiving-specific content ideas? Gather round the turkey and share these seven video ideas with your team, so you can create a unique video that’s perfectly suited for the season.

Should you post anything on Memorial Day? Veterans Day? These solemn holidays require the right tone – we show you how to strike the perfect balance and create video that will pay tribute appropriately.

Can video help you make more Black Friday sales? You bet! See our best-in-class examples as we highlight some customer success stories during the busiest sales weekend of the year.

Is it the content of your commercial or how you promote it? Learn what makes a holiday commercial special in this quick and easy blueprint to creating your very own.


Laura Cueva

Laura Cueva