8 Unexpected Benefits of Working with a Production Company

July 2, 2021 4 min read222

If you’ve decided that you want to work with a production company, you’re probably relatively aware of the benefits that arise from that relationship.

For example, working with a production company often provides an all-inclusive process with many benefits, including higher video quality and proven expertise. If your team can produce the video but lacks the capacity to execute, a production company is a great supportive partner with a clear budget and timeline.

Working with a production company is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes and purposes. It’s a reliable resource for professionals to manage the rigorous and rewarding strategic planning process, video production, and execution. However, there are a few hidden advantages to working with professionals that aren’t readily evident. You’re not going to hear about these benefits everywhere you search.

Here are eight unexpected benefits of working with a production company.

1. New Relationships

Production companies have access to an array of professional resources that provide many services, including videographers, animators, writers, actors, and more. A single production can give you a little boost, but a long-term relationship with these individuals builds out your team creatively and can change the game for your business. Consider adding a village of media professionals to your Rolodex with a single reference.

2. Change Perspective

Since you’re in the trenches of your business every day, you may have a difficult time coming up with creative production ideas. However, the best videos feel new at every step of the process, from creative brainstorming all the way through post-production. Bringing in a production company means bringing in fresh ideas from people who are hearing about your goals and ideas for the first time.

3. Reevaluate Priorities

The production process consists of three phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. A production company works with you through every step of preparing the elements, capturing the footage, and editing the finishing touches. This process is a great model for business operations and project management. Emulating the creative model executed by a professional production team can generate new growth opportunities for your company. Plus, you’ll get to see firsthand into another company’s processes and may take inspiration back to your own team.

4. Unlocking New Customers

The desired result of increasing traffic and retaining consumers is a given when stepping into the realm of video marketing. Expect to build awareness within your industry and reach your target audience. Additionally, working with a production company taps into making interest outside of the reach of your industry, thanks to the robust team with expert backgrounds. High-quality video and visual storytelling can create new avenues of appeal not directly related to your audience.

5. Promising New Futures

Cultivating great relationships is a crucial indicator of why you should work with a production company. Working with a trusted production company in the future that already understands what you need from a prior relationship is a significant benefit. What’s unexpected is the production company’s ability to build more connections outside of your own—a production company’s range of work taps into a diverse network of industries beneficial for networking opportunities.

6. Time Management

Whether or not your company has experience in video production, there’s a likely chance the workflow and bandwidth of your team don’t allow for the undivided attention a production team will provide. Working with a production company alleviates the problems that arise when you overextended the duties of your team to meet needs generally outside of their range.

7. Employee Motivation

Consumers want a message they believe. A key to maximizing their interest starts with your team. Video marketing doesn’t always face the consumer. Many applications of video content are beneficial to the internal network of your company or industry. If you’re still training or building your teams using unsustainable methods like physical handbooks and in-person seminars, consider transitioning to a professionally produced visual model.

8. Market Transition

Digital marketing is driving the ship today, and incorporating video content is at the helm. Whether it’s a 15-second video on social media or a 2-minute video driving traffic from an ad, video changed the way the digital market continues to advance. Working with a production company can help companies face difficulty navigating the evolving digital climate and adapt to change. What was once a brick-a-mortar boutique can become a digital hotspot with the right professional video tactics. A production company can help shift into a new, unfamiliar market like social media and digital for more traditional companies.

Find out more about the expected benefits of working with a production company here.

The benefits of working with a production company are exponential if given the right approach and attention to detail. Video marketing, content marketing, social media, and streamable content continue to grow, and it’s crucial to be a step ahead of the trend or get left behind.

If these benefits sound right for your company, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re ready to tap into that hidden potential together.

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