5 Ways Video Can Help Grow Your Tech Company

We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

And that includes our amazing tech-industry clients, who have used video content to amplify their marketing efforts and bring their products to life – even if they’re still in the development phase.

That’s the beauty of video – you can help your customers envision your product even if it’s an intangible, like an app, software, or a device still in the seed and development phase. Check out these radical tech videos for ideas on how you can apply similar tactics to your own company, enhancing and elevating your technology and your story!

Chinese startup Ruiven used this brand video to launch a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $1.3 million to develop their flagship product, the Kudrone nano-drone. The tech being pretty impressive, a palm-sized drone with GPS auto-follow and a 4K camera, we wanted to highlight all of the products’ top features while selling the audience on its most important one: how fun it is!

Brand videos aren’t just for already-launched products – they can be vital for engaging visitors to a crowdfunding offering, for example. Another key takeaway: when creating a brand video for your tech company, focus on lifestyle as opposed to bogging your viewers down with too many specs. You want your potential customers to envision their life with your technology so they get excited enough to make a positive purchase decision!

PABLO is a cool light-painting video app that’s all about empowering creatives to reimagine the way they shoot with light. We worked with them to create a series of social content videos intended to nurture social followers and delight current users with stimulating video content.

In particular, we focused on creating how-to videos to provide value for PABLO’s social media followers. Instead of tooting the company’s own horn, these videos focused on teaching things like shot stabilizing, exposure time, and light sensitivity. They are not only educational, but remind the viewer how cool the PABLO app is – a win-win! What type of how-to video can you create to help your users better understand (and get excited) about your technology?

Hemvest Energy is committed to transforming residential properties into 100 percent energy independent properties. We worked with them to create an engaging docu-style brand video that doubles as a customer testimonial by using interviews with real Hemvest customers. By contrasting the customers sharing their energy bill horror stories with motion graphics detailing the benefits of switching to solar, we were able to tell their compelling problem-solution story. When creating your own brand videos, spice them up by using additional style elements like customer testimonials or day in the life footage to help paint a complete picture of your service or product and tell your company’s unique success story.

JetPack Aviation is one cool client – they created the world’s first fully functional, fully operational jetpack. When the tech is that cool, you have no choice but to show it off.

Since JetPack was looking to launch a crowdfunding offering, we worked with them to create an event video of a test flight in the Long Beach harbor. It’s part crowdfunding pitch and part hollywood action movie, but focuses entirely on the amazing technology.

One great way to rally a crowd behind an idea is hosting an event. If your company is thinking about throwing a launch party, a pitch-fest, or local spotlight, work with a video team to film it so you can use that footage to nurture and delight your followers and show them you’re involved in building community.

This recruitment video by Trendkite is a perfect example of how you can use video content to amplify your recruiting efforts. Show off your workplace environment, introduce key team members, and share what you’re looking for in the perfect candidate. Plus, you can let your team members share their favorite aspects of your company, and why they love working for you in their own words. For a tech company with software or hardware that’s difficult to film, supplemental video content like this goes a long way.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey