5 Spook-tacular Halloween Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Seasonal video marketing content should be a year-round effort, not just something you do during the holidays! There are tons of events, lesser-known holidays, and themes you can latch onto in each season to celebrate the time of year. (For more ideas, check out this article with a breakdown of dates marketers need to know throughout the year.)

Of course, October is all about Halloween. That’s why every business should start creating Halloween-themed videos. You can use many unique marketing strategies to boost your brand awareness and increase sales this upcoming October, and it’s a great way to get ahead on holiday sales.

In this article, we’ll delve into five different video marketing ideas that you can use to advertise your business for fang-tastic results.

1. Show Off Your Halloween-y Products or Services

Does your business sell cinnamon-spiced donuts, witch-themed prints, or other Halloween-y products?

If so, a marketing video is a perfect way to interest people in your products all spooky-season long!

Even if you don’t already have a Halloween-themed product, now is a great time to start—or to position products you already have with a Halloween twist. Businesses with successful Halloween products often develop repeat customers who return every October.

One company that had great success in this area is Mars Candy. In 2019, they released Zombie Skittles, which are regular skittles with some unique flavors mixed in. Each package contains several deliciously flavored candies mixed in with repulsive “rotten zombie” candies. The lucky customer never know what flavor they are going to get!

This product led to a lot of user-generated content—specifically people taking videos of themselves trying these gross candies with their friends and family! Additionally, the company developed a loyal fan base with the product, with many people looking forward to buying these candies every year as a Halloween tradition.

So, having Halloween-themed products is a great way to generate seasonal business!

Even if your business doesn’t sell physical products, you can still advertise your Halloween-themed services. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can use video marketing to share that all of your servers will be dressed up for the month of October.

2. Create a Halloween-Themed Social Media Campaign

Instead of creating a video ad to interest your audience in your business this Halloween, why not create a Halloween-themed social media campaign instead?

If your campaign takes off, you’ll receive authentic user-generated content while also increasing your brand awareness—sounds pretty fang-ulous to us!

To create a successful social media campaign, you should ask your viewers to upload a video of themselves doing something specific with your product. Then, offer the winner(s) a prize to encourage engagement.

Make sure your campaign has a memorable hashtag and that it’s shareable so that your audience can encourage their friends and family to participate. For more tips around user-generated content, check out this article.

One company that has had great success with this marketing strategy is Target. Every year, Target runs a “Tag and Treat” campaign to encourage people to upload a video of themselves strutting in-store to show off their Halloween costumes.

This campaign was very successful, with Target receiving thousands of entries that they could use for future marketing videos. Additionally, it gained national interest and was featured by news outlets all over the country, providing them with great exposure!

3. Make a Spooky Marketing Video

Even if your business doesn’t sell pumpkin spiced donuts or cauldron-shaped coffee cups, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Halloween spirit!

One of the best ways to draw your audience in is by creating Halloween-themed marketing videos to showcase your brand.

Whether you want to scare your audience with a bone-chilling ad or make them laugh with some hilarious Halloween shenanigans, marketing videos are the perfect way to draw them in and get them excited about your business.

One company that has had great success with this is Snickers. For many years, Snickers has created funny Halloween-related commercials that make you want to pass out their delicious, chocolatey candy to all of the neighborhood kids!

Snickers created a remarkably successful video in 2012 called the Horseless Headman. In the video, they show a large, hungry head who is hopelessly trying to scare trick-or-treaters. In the end, a child hands the head a snickers bar, and he reverts into his true self, the Headless Horseman. Then, they flash the slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Check it out below!

This clever video markets Snickers as a Halloween candy while also demonstrating that it’s a great way to refuel when you need a snack. So, take a note from Snickers and use video marketing to demonstrate how your product can improve the Halloween experience for your customers!

4. Create a How-To or DIY Halloween Video

One of many reasons people enjoy watching videos is because they can teach them how to do something.

So, instead of creating a marketing video that just shows off your brand, why not create a DIY video that teaches your audience how to do something cool with your products instead?

The makeup company Maybelline, for example, has created several how-to makeup videos showing their viewers how to create gorgeous Halloween makeup looks, such as a 1920’s flapper, 70’s disco makeup, and a tiger face. Check out one example below.

These informative videos teach their viewers how to use their makeup to create the perfect Halloween look, giving them an incentive to go out and buy their products each October!

You can also create videos showing your viewers how to create unique Halloween costumes, fun decorations, or spooky snacks and treats to impress their friends at their yearly Halloween party.

Even if you don’t sell a physical product, you can still create an excellent DIY video that your customers will enjoy. For example, if you sell a photo editing app, you can show your audience how they can use your app to make themselves look like a scary witch or a sultry vampire!

5. Create a Behind-the-Scenes Halloween Video

One way you can connect with your audience this Halloween season is by creating behind-the-scenes videos to give them a more intimate look at who you are and what your business is all about.

One specific option is to show your audience how you create your Halloween products. For example, if you make handmade Halloween cookies, you can create a video showing your viewers the ingredients you use and the process you go through to create your delicious masterpieces!

Or, if your business hosts a Halloween event every year, such as a Halloween party or a costume contest, you can show your viewers the work that goes into making the event happen. You might also live-stream the event taking place to show the personality behind your brand.

One last behind-the-scenes idea is to show your employees performing Halloween pranks on each other. For example, you can get a video of your employees scaring each other with creepy masks. Letting your viewers in on your company’s Halloween fun is a great way to build a year-round connection.

Plus, let’s be honest—prank videos are very entertaining, so they often draw a lot of viewers. This will increase your brand awareness, which can potentially lead to more customers!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several ways you can use video marketing to show off your business this Halloween season. Whether you want to show off your seasonal products, make a spooky marketing video, or create a themed social media campaign, Halloween is the perfect time to increase your brand awareness and boost sales.

Simply pick one of the video marketing strategies above, then get ready for your business to have an ahh-mazing October! And don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the time or resources to fit in a full-fledged production—a quick video for social media is often all it takes to delight your audience. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Chelsea Nelthropp

Chelsea Nelthropp