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5 Reasons To Work At Lemonlight

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Interested in video marketing or dipping your toes in the startup world? Look no further because Lemonlight media is looking to hiring.

The world of marketing and advertising can be a lot of fun if you are with the right team. At Lemonlight Media, we make fun your job – literally!! Think about it: Your video marketing service needs to have employees who act like they want to be there. How else can any kind of energy get transferred into the marketing?! [Hint: It can’t!]

Here are five reasons to work at Lemonlight!

1. Our clients are the best!

We like to keep a positive vibe in our office and in our own marketing materials. Because of this, we attract the most incredible clients. These are people doing amazing things and providing amazing services – we seriously have something YouTube-worthy happen in the office every day!

2. You get to wear five hats at once! (A baseball hat, a cowboy hat, a bike helmet, …)

Lame jokes aside, what we mean is that you will be able to dip your toes in all avenues of video marketing and production. You will hit the ground running like lightning and get the best experience because there is no aspect of video marketing that you will not touch. We may be a startup, but we start up like a Harley, you know what I’m sayin’?!?!

3. You will learn everything there is to know about video advertising

You come to the table with great ideas; the person next to you comes to the table with great ideas; the person next to you comes to the table with Tootsie Roll pops and great ideas; you get the picture! In order to make the best work, our team has to share. You will learn so much your brain will dance jigs!

4. Seriously, video marketing is your JOB

It is seriously your duty and task to make cool people look amazing for a living. Seriously, can you think of a better career? If you can, come in anyway and we’ll shoot your advertisement for THAT job, because we want to see it firsthand!

5. Video advertising changes every day

There is no such thing as burnout or monotony when it comes to Lemonlight. The things that you will need to do in order to make it happen on Monday will be completely different from what will make it happen on Thursday. You will actually get to use that big, beautiful brain of yours, stretching it to its limits for your clients!

Our Lemonlight family is always looking for exciting new talented, hungry and self-motivated friends to join the cause. Are you The One (because it’s not Keanu Reaves – let’s face it – he never was), because we want you here!


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