5 Essential Places to Publish Your Brand Video

When you start on your video marketing journey, one of the first videos you should create is a brand video, also known as an explainer video. These videos typically offer a high-level overview of your company’s brand, mission, and style. Think of these as a simple “about us” highlight reel that shows your company off in a cool and exciting way.

Brand videos will probably feel very familiar to you, since many companies create brand videos for their homepages or for sharing across social media. They’re usually the first video posted on a company’s YouTube account or pinned to the top of their Facebook page.

If you haven’t created a brand video, there are plenty of resources out there to help you get started. Once you’ve created your brand video, you’re going to want to get it out to as many people as possible. And to help, we’ve outlined the top five places to post and distribute your new brand video so it reaches exactly who it’s supposed to.

1. Highlight what you do with a brand video on your homepage.

Homepages are a great place to host your company’s brand video. A brand video on your homepage can help achieve better web visitor engagement, higher SEO placement, and stronger sales conversions. Plus, according to research from Axonn Media, seven in 10 people view brands more positively after watching video content about them.

Here are a few cool examples of company homepages that feature brand videos:

2. Include your brand video in your email marketing.

Once you’ve engaged your website visitors with your brand video on your homepage, there’s a strong chance they’ll be interested enough to give you their email address. Or maybe you already have a strong email list and you’re looking to nurture those subscribers into customers. Luckily, you can also use your brand video in your email marketing efforts.

According to Campaign Monitor, including a brand video in your email marketing efforts can reduce unsubscribe rates and lead to click-through rates of up to 65 percent. Even including the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates.

By providing value through your brand video, you can increase the time your subscribers spend engaging with your email marketing and increase the chance of your subscribers sharing and forwarding your email to others. And you don’t just have to link out to a video, you can also embed the video, or use a GIF to offer a video preview.

3. Post your brand video on social media.

Many web visitors who go to your homepage may fall in love with your products or services, but may not be ready to buy right away. That’s when they’ll head to social media to start learning about and interacting with your brand more – be it through likes on posts you share, or through comments and direct messages.

By posting your brand video on your social channels, you can get real-time feedback from your fans on your video content. The key to nurturing these leads is to provide value and remain top of mind. Your brand video should remind them of the mission your company is on to solve their problem and provide insight into your unique value proposition.

You can also pin your brand video so it’s the first thing a potential customer sees when visiting your Facebook page. Similarly, promote that same video on Instagram to reach new audiences and attract them back to your bio. By sharing your brand video across platforms, you can provide little reminders about why your company is the one they need, even if they don’t need you right that second.

Brand videos work particularly well on social media when they’re emotionally evocative. Content that elicits emotional reactions, whether it’s funny or moving, is much more likely to be shared on social media and tends to have a much longer lifespan. Video production company Wyzowl reported that 76 percent of social media users would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining. Additionally, 69 percent said they would share a branded video if it included information their friends might find interesting. By striking the right emotional balance with your video, you’re more likely to inspire your viewers to share your content.

4. Feature your brand video on your company blog.

Another place to provide value and nurture prospective customers is on your company blog. Sometimes, you might do everything right to attract and engage a lead, but they just may not be ready to buy. That’s where providing value and continuing to nurture their interest in your product or service becomes incredibly important. Your brand video can and should be a powerful resource to achieve this goal, and featuring it on your company blog can be a simple, subtle, and smart place to do just that.

Say you’re writing a blog about video marketing. You could include your brand video as evidence supported by facts to back up your claims. Or maybe you want to sell the reader on your services with multiple pieces of video content. Featuring your brand video is just one way to provide them with value and educate them on how your product or service can help solve their problems. You could even write a guest post for another company’s blog and sneak your video in as an example or reference.

5. Link to your brand video in a company eBook.

eBooks are a great way to provide value and nurture customers into making a purchase over time. With a memorable and informative eBook, your customers will refer back to it again and again as they continue their research. If they’re genuinely educating themselves, they’ll see you as a trusted and valuable resource, ultimately relying on your product’s offer to solve their individual problem.

Including a link or reference to your company’s brand video in that eBook is a great way to extend its lifespan in a medium that will outlast a single social post, a one-off marketing email, or a buried blog article. If the content in the eBook is strong enough, those who download it will hold onto it and refer to it again sometime in the future. Providing a link or including a GIF of your brand video is an easy place to get added exposure and continue to nurture a connection between the customer and your brand.

Bonus: Promote your brand video through paid media.

Paid media is one of the most valuable marketing resources available to your company and almost every brand is reaching their customers through paid ads on numerous social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram ads are the new juggernauts on the block, but Youtube and Google ads have maintained their strong positions in the space through success and innovation.

Now that you have a brand video, beyond sharing it with your current customers to nurture them into making a sale, you’ll want to use that video to reach completely new audiences. Promoting your brand video with Facebook ads is a great way to reach new users. You can hyper-target certain demographics and retarget previous viewers to keep your brand on their mind.

Plus, using Google Adwords for your brand video will help you reach prospective customers searching for keywords similar to your brand’s core value proposition.

Use your brand video wherever you can!

You took the time to draft a script and create the perfect video that encapsulates who you are and what you’re about. Why not spread it as far and as wide as you can? There are a few other key distribution channels you might want to consider – make sure to read all about them in our very own ebook: 8 Ways to Effectively Distribute Your Video Content.

If you’ve already shared your brand video everywhere you can and you’re happy with the positive results you’ve seen, there are tons of other videos you can make to increase your brand’s engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction. Knowing what stage of your marketing strategy you want to improve is vital to making the right video. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers, engage first time visitors, nurture potential leads, or delight your fans and followers, video is the right tool for the job.

Why not jump on a call with one of our creative producers and kick around some options that’ll help achieve your individual goals today?

We’d love to share our insight on how the right video content can improve your digital marketing and optimize your sales funnel!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey