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4 Ways to Promote Your Live Entertainment Business with Video

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We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

An obvious fit for the medium, companies in the entertainment industry have seen great success by using video to show off their often thrilling and occasionally show-stopping experiences. Where words have failed to capture the excitement they offer – video has excelled!

Take a look at some of the awesome entertainment companies we’ve worked with to create some of our favorite videos, showcasing their unique experiential offerings.

1. Sometimes, the best way to say something is to say nothing at all.

Island Water Sports Hawaii – Product Video

Island Water Sports Hawaii is a water sports and activities provider on Oahu, Hawaii,  providing everything from surf lessons and stand-up paddling to snorkeling tours and fishing charters. We worked with them to create this compelling product video to show off the company’s amazing underwater activities, like their submarine scooters and snorkeling opportunities, using nothing but the footage itself, a light soundtrack, and some title cards to engage with viewers.

While it helps to have amazing underwater footage of sea turtles and dolphins, you can still create a similarly effective product video by letting your experiences do the talking. If you offer activities half as exciting as Island Water Sports, you’ll be able to easily engage with your own viewers and lock them in for more.

2. Capture your audience’s imagination with an awe-inspiring commercial.

Half Moon Bay Art Glass – Commercial

Half Moon Bay Art Glass is a hot glass studio at the La Nebbia Winery that offers classes for individuals, groups, and all who are interested in learning the “centuries-old art of glass blowing.” We worked with them to create this compelling and mysterious pre-roll commercial to attract and nurture online leads.

When you’re offering something as cool as glass blowing, try creating a similar commercial that both nurtures with a docu-style educational feel and attracts with beautiful imagery that adds mystery and intrigue to the subject.

3. Use behind-the-scenes material for social content that nurtures leads.

Drury Lane Theatre – Social Content Promo Video

Drury Lane Theatre is a 971-seat venue that offers Broadway shows, local productions and concerts, as well as dining and events. We’ve worked with Drury Lane to create a series of promos and commercials for a wide range of productions, including these social content videos that we created for an upcoming production of Smokey Joe’s.

Sometimes (and especially with theatre productions,) you don’t have footage of your event to use for promotion. That’s when you can get creative and use behind-the-scenes content, like rehearsal footage, renderings of a character, or a scale model of the set, like we did in order to highlight the characters and the director in separate promos.

4. Lean into the theme with your live entertainment company’s brand video.

Sinister Pointe – Brand Video

Sinister Pointe Scary Place is a haunted house experience serving up three floors of heart-pounding frights. With such a uniquely themed attraction, we had to lean into the theme when we worked with them to create this haunting brand video. To capture the creepiness and do it justice, we had to get actual live footage of the scares – something our real, live participants graciously helped us accomplish.

Try a similar tactic with your own brand video to capture your entertainment company’s unique draw with a crowd of actual customers. If you have an experience half as wild as Sinister Pointe, you’ll surely not disappoint!

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