4 Unexpected Ways to Promote Your Car Dealership or Franchise

We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

Video is especially important when it comes to the auto industry. Think of all the iconic car commercials you’ve seen over the years – especially come Super Bowl season.

Big budget commercials aside, video marketing can make a huge difference, especially if you’re running a local dealership franchise.

Whether it’s attracting new car buyers, engaging with window shoppers online, or nurturing consideration-stage customers into finally jumping into the driver’s seat, video is the best way to continue the sales process after they leave the lot.

Check out some of our favorite auto industry videos, along with some clutch ideas for using similar techniques to switch your businesses’ marketing goals into overdrive.

Circle Porsche is a Long Beach-based new and used Porsche dealer. We worked with them to create this event video to turn their 2017 Long Beach Grand Prix event into a sales tool to nurture would-be Porsche buyers with footage of cool cars and a fun crowd.

Doubling as a thank you video to the community who showed up for the event and supported the dealership over the years, this video does an amazing job showing off the company’s culture and brand. Use a similar strategy to thank your community for coming out to an event, in addition to using gorgeous footage of your cars to nurture your leads.

Meineke Car Care Centers is a franchise-based international automotive repair chain with more than 900 locations. We worked with them to create this welcome video to welcome new franchisees into the Meineke family.

The video not only acts as an internal on-boarding tool, but doubles as a valuable piece of content to better engage with those looking for more information on franchising with Meineke. You can create similar content by combining a welcome video with a brand video for double the value!

Circle Audi, a new and used Audi dealership out of Long Beach, wanted to engage online visitors. We worked with them to create this one-minute brand video highlighting their dealership’s stylish inventory and cool atmosphere.

The trick here is to make your own brand video look and feel like a high-budget car commercial. Known for their smooth stylish camerawork, car commercials are all about making the cars look as cool as possible in the most casual way. Use similar techniques to create your own brand commercial – using a high-quality camera team and drone footage doesn’t hurt, either!

The customer testimonial video is one of the most powerful tools a small business can use to sell their services, and that’s no different in the auto industry.

MAACO is an American franchisor of auto painting and collision repair shops with over 500 auto body franchises across the U.S. They wanted to nurture and engage would-be franchisees into opening up their own shops. What better way to do it than by letting other franchisees talk about their own experience?

Or look at Lotlinx Automotive AI, who provides auto dealers with effective online digital marketing solutions that help sell more cars. They worked with us to create this simple testimonial video that let dealers speak for themselves about how the service has helped them. This testimonial is especially important because LotLinx is a very niche technology marketing company. The more specifically they can show their value, the better.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey