4 Reasons your Biz Needs Distribution

According to AdAge, “Good content or not, understanding and embracing digital distribution and marketing will prove critical to everyone.”

At Lemonlight Media, we’re here to distribute your beautiful commercial online to your target customer. 

Here are four (of the endless) reasons your business would benefit from online distribution. 

  1. The online world revolves around video. Don’t leave your commercial behind! According to Reel SEO, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019.
  2. Video marketing is now the most powerful form of digital advertising available, performing more than 12x display advertising and more than 35x traditional advertising. Make the most out of our your commercial through online distribution.
  3. Target your audience. We’ll distribute your commercial directly to your hyper-targeted customer, honing in on geography, demographic segmentation, and over 2000 interest points. As AdAge says, “great content does not mean it will find an audience.”
  4. Increase traffic to your website. If you reach your specific customer, there’s a much higher chance they will connect with your business. “In other words, 100% viewer retention is not the goal. Neither is virality. The goal is engagement from your target viewer.”

There you have it – four of the countless reasons your business needs distribution.

Lemonlight is confident that we will connect your video and your business to your target customer.