3 Creative Ways to Sell Your Retail Products Ahead of Black Friday

We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

One industry video can really benefit is the retail industry. Retail companies, especially those doing business primarily through ecommerce, know how vital video content is to selling products online. That’s twice as true during the holiday season.

If web visitors can engage with a video and see what a product really looks like before they decide to buy, especially if they can see it in use, they are that much more likely to close the sale.

But the retail industry is massive, covering every kind of product imaginable. There’s so many different routes you can take as a retail company using video to nurture new sales or attract new customers. It can be hard to decide what type of video to focus on.

Here are three of our favorite retail industry videos from companies you might recognize, along with practical advice on how they used each video to reach their goals – and how you can, too.

Wayfair is an American ecommerce company that sells home goods, offering thousands of brands of furniture, lighting, cookware, and more. We worked with Wayfair to create customer spotlight videos like the one below, that focus on how real people use Wayfair products to design their own spaces. Take this customer spotlight featuring Wayfair customer Cam, where Wayfair was able to help Cam out with a home makeover for her master bedroom and bonus room.

While Cam talks about her life moving from California to Tennessee and her personal style choices, the camera focuses on different Wayfair products around the room that she used to create the homey nest she was looking for. In that sense, this spotlight also doubles as a product video. Think about how you can you double up on content and use a customer spotlight to also show off a variety of products. You can even cut up a longer video like this one into 30-second social media videos featuring the individual products.

Toshiba is globally recognized corporation, whose retail business focuses on all sorts of electronic consumer goods. We worked with them to create a series of videos for a new line of kitchen products, including this How-to video for their new microwave oven. One of the key points we wanted to hit with this video was how Toshiba’s latest microwave differed from other microwaves: it’s Invertech inverter heating technology.

We focused on educating the audience on how the inverter works and how easy it is to use, both for thawing steaks and steaming fresh broccoli. How-to videos like this work great for nurturing would-be customers in the consideration stage of their buyer’s journey who just need that extra nudge, or delighting customers who just bought your product and want to learn more about it.

Luminzo Watches is a Norwegian-made designer brand of timepieces. Because of the beautiful designs and fine craftsmanship of the product, when working with Luminzo we wanted to create a commercial that captured the elegant feeling we got from the brand.

Using a simple black backdrop, a contemplative music track, and a poignant voice over, we drew all of the focus to the product, steering clear of showing the watch in use in the real world. Putting all of the focus on the product, we could create a feeling and a mood – perfect for attracting new audiences to the brand, and without overburdening that audience with more information than they need to get excited.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey