4 Reasons You Should Use Video To Promote Your School

We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

Even an industry like education can have incredible stories to tell. Schools, colleges, and educational programs bring so much value to our daily lives, but too often, they’re underrepresented in the digital world because of the incredible burdens on their day-to-day operations.

Whether they’re public schools that are over-budget and under-staffed, or private schools constantly on the grind to raise money for new facilities, having a digital presence isn’t always an option for these institutions. However, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some great organizations and provide affordable, high-quality videos to some amazing schools and programs with fantastic stories to tell.

Here’s a handful of our favorite education videos, along with some tips on how we helped bring their stories to life.

Harvard Westlake is an independent, co-educational college preparatory day school for grades 7-12 out in Los Angeles. We worked with them to create this thank you video as a celebration of the faculty and the donors by highlighting the difference donations make to the school, and promoting the benefits teachers see in giving back.

We combined the style of a thank you video with the format of a customer testimonial. In an interview setting, teachers share why they donate to the school, essentially providing their own testimonials. The stories are honest and sincere, making for an emotional video that does an excellent job communicating one of the core missions of Harvard Westlake.

The Council on Foundations is a nearly 70-year-old nonprofit group that provides opportunity, leadership, and tools to philanthropic organizations to help them advance the common good. In essence, it’s an educational nonprofit that helps other nonprofits grow. The CoF is a massive organization that needed help increasing their social brand awareness.

This video in particular is an animated event video that promotes and recaps one of their most recent conferences, highlighting the impressive number of attendees, speakers, sponsors, and countries represented. Video was an excellent way to present otherwise straightforward data, and the animation helped engage and captivate viewer attention. Other educational organizations can use this type of video to drum up excitement for an upcoming event or document a previous event’s success. The effects also show how animated video can bring simple data to life in a big way.

Boyle Heights High School is a continuation school in Los Angeles, CA, serving students who lack the credits they need to graduate high school on time and helping them earn their diploma. Whether they need academic help, personal resources, or a more understanding learning environment, their number one goal is providing support to an underserved student population.

Schools rarely think of themselves as brands, but Boyle Heights High School knows that’s a mentality that needs to change. Because of the negative stigma surrounding continuation schools, they wanted to show the positive side of what they do using a brand video. With caring faculty faces, engaged students, and proud parents, they used the power of video and storytelling to transform the viewer’s perspective.

MM Traffic School isn’t what you consider a traditional educational institution – they’re a DMV-approved traffic school that offers booklet and online courses. We created this how to video to promote their services and onboard first-time students.

And, the video actually doubles as a brand video, explaining service features, unique benefits, and a simple solution to a complex problem. In catering to multiple audiences, it shows just how easy it can be to create a video that not only functions as a usable guide, but one that can be featured on a main webpage or emailed out to prospective customers as marketing material.

You work tirelessly day after day developing the best educational experience possible for your students, staff, and community – and you touch so many lives. But how many more can you reach by sharing your story through video?

Video is a powerful tool for all educational institutions. Whether you’re a public school or a private institution, whether you serve young students or full-grown adults, video might be just what you need to get your message out there.

If the videos above inspired you, or you have ideas you want to explore, reach out! Our team of creative producers can work with you to figure out the perfect video type for your organization.

By the way: Have you invested in signage or graphics for your school? These can be a great backdrop for video shoots. Learn more from our friends at Cushing why schools invest in signage to promote school spirit.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey