4 Reasons You Need to Invest in Customer Support Videos

Support videos are often neglected, never getting the attention they deserve. That’s because most companies work hard to acquire a customer, but do little afterward to keep customers engaged and delighted.

But support videos create an amazing opportunity to not only keep your customers coming back, but help free up your customer service telephone lines and email support staff. That means repeat sales and freed up resources make you and your company more money in the long run, making the investment in video more than worth it.

Just how much can support videos do for you? Take a look at these top reasons to start incorporating video in your customer support services.

1. Support videos provide clear answers to users’ questions.

No matter what industry you work in, chances are you have a long list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Most companies publish these on their website, creating a support resource for customers that, though it may answer their questions, isn’t very interactive and most likely goes ignored. Video can help make your FAQs more engaging and can actually do a better job answering questions thanks to its visual nature.

To create videos that answer your customers’ FAQs, do a little research. Figure out what your top asked questions are, either from your support team or your sales team, and create video content about those topics. Create short, to-the-point videos that answer each question individually. Remember: Keep each video short. Most people won’t stick around for three minutes to find out how to turn your product on.

2. Support videos help onboard users with product how-to’s and tutorials.

Whether B2B or B2C, product and service tutorials help show your users exactly how to use what you sell. Whether you post these videos on your website or send them to your customers after purchase, you’ll be providing the perfect visual guide they need to use your product efficiently and effectively.

Besides just showing customers how to use your product, these videos are also a great marketing tool. They often help answer questions users didn’t even know they had, keeping you one step ahead of user queries and showing you put thought into the user experience. Plus, these videos are an excellent opportunity to show and tell. Show off your product or service in a beautiful way, and let the user know about any hidden benefits or features.

3. Support videos can provide tips and tricks, insider information, and more.

Along those same lines, customer support videos can also provide special insider information, product tips and tricks, and more, information that can enhance your users’ experience and add on to the value of your product.

These videos not only provide support, but give your brand more authority and credibility within your industry. You can even use these as fun, engaging bonus content all across your website. Just remember, you still want to support your user through their post-purchase experience. Make sure the information you provide is relevant to their problem and relevant to how your product or service fixes it.

4. Support videos help your customers be more successful with your product or service.

Our goal here is still to provide extra value, but what if your customer doesn’t necessarily have any product or service questions you can answer? Is there a way you can help your customers get more out of the item they just purchased?

Hopefully yes!

Create a customer support video that helps your users discover something new about what you do. If there’s another way to use your product or a new feature that’s just been launched, create a video telling your users all about it. Webinar content is especially effective here, as are educational whiteboard videos and more. This is content that will increase positive brand association and going that extra mile can turn customers into brand ambassadors.

What’s the future of customer support videos?

The lesson here? There are tons of different types of customer support videos you can make. Some address user issues very directly, while others can preemptively provide information that’ll keep your customers happy. In the long term, these videos will free up your most valuable customer support resources, including your phone representatives and email representatives and keep customers coming back.

Already we’re seeing video trends make their way into the customer support arena. Banks are implementing live video chat at ATMs and more companies are utilizing video chat software and screen sharing to efficiently diagnose errors and malfunctioning hardware.

The reality is the future of customer support videos is already here. The sooner your company gets on board, the more prepared you’ll be.

Laura Cueva

Laura Cueva