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Your Go-To Guide for a Killer Testimonial Video

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Adding a testimonial video to any marketing endeavor will guarantee to increase conversion rates.

Thinking about a killer testimonial video? As a business owner who wants to see his or her products develop brand recognition, you could benefit greatly from such a video. A testimonial video for your business is the knockout way to illuminate your products and what your company has to offer. It could certainly separate your product from similar competitor products or at least widen the gap.

A testimonial further enhances the product by offering potential consumers a glimpse into the eyes of real customers who actually endorse what you have to offer. Think about Yelp. Whether or not you like Yelp, consumers often visit the site before making a buying decision. This is because people trust the opinion of other people – even strangers! Imagine how powerful a video could be that only talks about how great your products and services are!

The key to creating a warm and fuzzy testimonial video is keeping the message centered around the brand your product is trying to portray! This gives the product credibility in the eyes of a consumer who has never tried it. The video production could include reviews from happy and satisfied consumers who give first hand accounts of what happened when they experienced the service or product. What are the benefits of using your product? Why should someone else try your product? And more!

There are two different types of testimonial videos we have found work best to capture the heart of your business.

    • Testimonial Compilation: This type includes quick sound bites from several different customers. The benefit is that it opens the floor for multiple talking points and highlights a variety of different personalities and demographics.


    • Testimonial Highlight: This type includes one longer interview with one of your customers. The benefit of this type of testimonial video is that the customer can develop a deeper understanding with how your product or service can impact someone else.

This kind of video for your business could be posted on social media, your company website, scheduled on YouTube, and emailed to potential clients. Adding video to any marketing endeavor will guarantee to increase conversion rates. (Check out some quick facts here.) The legitimacy that comes with such a killer testimonial is second to none.

This could be a game changer. Start now and turn a prospect into a believer!

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