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Picking the Perfect Length for Your Business Video

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On the internet, no matter the medium, whether it’s a book, a game, a new podcast, or a mobile app, you have about eight seconds to capture the attention of whomever you’re trying to sell. Eight seconds isn’t a very long time. It can be long enough, however, to get your point across, provided you understand you’re marketing first and making videos for your business second. The length of your video will dictate what you can say in eight seconds. If you want to cover more complex topics, consider creating a series instead of one single video.

Is your business video a commodity or an investment?

No matter their length, business videos can quickly become overwhelmed with detail. There are often so many things you need to get across to your customers that the overall presentation becomes a muddy soup of nondescript and out-of-focus messages and your audience ends up more confused about your business than when they started!

Confusion is anti-marketing. Your job is to make your message clearer, not leave your audience wondering what you just said. When you start making a concerted effort to get confusion out of your presentation, you’ll quickly find your video is closer to its proper length. This is your content strategy. The upper limit on most attention spans online is 90 seconds. If you’re lucky, you might find someone willing to invest as much as two minutes on your video, but beyond that, unless you’re broadcasting a television show, you’ve lost your audience.

This is where you have to be skilled in the art of peeling away all the fluff and focus on creating a video no longer than one to two minutes. That will guarantee maximum impact in the least amount of time and get your video in front of the largest possible audience. When those three factors are properly balanced, your video will shine.

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